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How do you begin to capture a life and tell the story of someone you love? Through stories, recollections, and pictures. Our photos connect us with our memories and the memories of those we love. Too often, we are unable to make this connection because our photos are not organized in a meaningful way or have been lost to a flood, fire, or computer crash.

Calgary Photo Solutions is dedicated to providing personal photo organizing services, tailored to meet your needs. We can organize and curate your print and digital photo collections; scan and back up your photos and memorabilia; and provide premium completed photo books and other ways to tell your story through photos.


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Photo organizing

Everyone wants to organize their photos, but most people don’t know where to begin. If you feel overwhelmed by the task, Calgary Photo Solutions can help you develop a plan to tackle the challenge and show you some simple methods to organize your photos, whether print, digital or both.

If your time is at a premium, we will curate your photo collection for you! Your photo management plan will include strategies to safely archive your photos and memorabilia (artwork, documents, certificates, etc.), and back up your collection electronically.  We can also provide ongoing maintenance and curating of your photo collection.


Calgary Photo Solutions is pleased to offer platinum scanning services to our photo organizing clients, and to those who want to create digital backups of their priceless photo albums. We can scan photos, memorabilia, and documents up to 13” x 17”.  Editing services are also available, including naming and dating scanned photos, colour correction, improving damaged prints electronically, and more.

Recovery of Damaged Photos

Kathy has  experience in working with water damaged photos, safely removing photos from old albums, and restoration of damaged photos.

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Photo Books

Your organized photos are placed in beautiful, one-of-a-kind photo books that provide a lifetime of enjoyment. From concept to final product, Calgary Photo Solutions will get your photos and stories back into your life and the lives of those around you.

Photo Displays and Gifts

Calgary Photo Solutions can design the perfect photo display for your décor – such as digital display frames, canvases, wood-mounted photos, metal-mounted photos, poly photo panels.  A wide variety of gift items can be created for you.


Kathy is available to speak to your organization on any aspect of photo organizing.

A Note on Pricing

Photo organizing is a highly customized service, and is difficult to price without an assessment.  Contact us today to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation, so we can determine your individual needs.


Kathy StoneKathy Stone is the founder and owner of Calgary Photo Solutions. She is a Certified Personal Photo Organizer, Certified Adult Educator, and a member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO).

“I’ve been helping people organize and enjoy their photos and stories and for more than 16 years,” says Kathy.  “I love to see the joy people experience when they get their photos out of boxes or off their phones and back into their lives.”

Kathy’s background includes more than 20 years’ experience in training and development, and she has provided training in digital photo organizing and album making to groups and individuals for almost a decade.

“I am comfortable working with you one-on-one, in groups, or on my own to achieve your goals,” explains Kathy. “I’m also experienced in recovering water damaged photos, and I helped several families recover their photos after the 2013 floods in Southern Alberta.”

 “Photos are meant to be a source of enjoyment, not stress! I want to help you enjoy your photos and stories again.”


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